Winter 2013

Winter 2013

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All about James!

Favorite Color: Brown

Favorite Activities: Reading, painting and coloring, doing puzzles, throwing his stuffed bears around

Favorite Outing: The Library, especially for storytime

Favorite Books: I Love You Through and Through, The Napping House, Anything Thomas and Friends, The Caboose Who Got Loose, and Jingle, Jingle (a fun carryover from Christmas)

Favorite Song: Let It Go (along with everyone else...)

Favorite Song for Mommy to Sing:James  James, Bo Bames. Banana, Fana,  Fo Fames. Etc.  (We go through all the Thomas characters on his wall during diaper changes)

Favorite Song to Listen to in the Car: Go Baby by Lupe Fiasco

Favorite Outside Activities: Running with his push toy up and down the driveway, going on bike rides with Daddy

Favorite Foods: Pizza, Grapes, Chicken, Smoothies, anything he can slather in ketchup

Favorite (and only) Dessert: Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels (seriously, I can't even get him to try anything else, not that I'm all that upset about it...)

Favorite Athletic 'feat': he's working on jumping, but he has kicking, throwing, and hitting a ball off the tee down. He also enjoys taking off his shoes in the car

Favorite Time of Day: Our evening routine. A few Piano Guys music videos (or more recently, Frozen) followed by bath time and story time with Daddy

Smile For Mommy!

Laughs at the dinner table

Something sure was funny!

Laughing? Yelling?

Smile with Daddy!

There's that tongue again...

Looking like a big boy in his car
Meeting Emma! Checking out her toes...

That's Emma!
Cool Dude!

Smiles for out first family outing!

Bathtub fun!

He's my cutie!

Getting too big too fast!

Funny GIF of Daddy and James! I love how Daddy's expression never changes!

Daddy's sunglasses!

He really wanted to try on Emma's headband!

Painting for the first time!

Double-fisting it!
I can't get over how cute he is in one of Andy's shirts!

Morning face

That's better!

Failed attempt at wearing mom's sunglasses

Fuzzy, but the cutest frustrated face!
Success at last!

Doing a puzzle!

He randomly decided tv viewing was better from inside the laundry basket

The only time I've ever seen his room so clean (especially with him in it!)

Raising Cane's!

Visiting the LSU tiger!

Daddy getting a massage from James and his car!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Emma at 2 months!

So Emma's already 7 weeks old, so i'll skim right over her 1 month stats and move to 2 months! Already getting the second child treatment...

At one month Emma was a whopping 10 lbs! 73% in both height and weight!  She is an excellent eater, and has already outgrown all of her newborn clothes. I doubt her 3 months clothes will fit her by the time she's 3 months...

She is a fairly good sleeper, and a stellar one if you compare her to James. She only wakes up to eat 2 or 3 times, and generally goes right back to sleep after she eats.  She actually will dream feed, which is awesome, and something James refused to do.  She also takes a nice long afternoon nap!  I get to nap myself, and then sometimes I can even get my own work done (like writing this post!) before James wakes up, then I get to hang out with him for a bit before she wakes up!  I hope she keeps this up!!

She loves lying on her mat and swatting at the hanging toys.  Her favorite toy to look at on the mat and in her swing is definitely the monkey,  I think that's because it's the only one that's upside-down, thus she can see it's face.  She loves faces.

She is the happiest in the morning.  She loves to smile and coo right after she wakes up.  One more reason Daddy is fond of the weekends!  She also tends to be pretty content on the changing table.  I don't know if it's the extra light over her head or the angle/distance from my face, but I get my best smiles during/after a diaper change!

Here's some pictures of baby Emma!

Hanging out during our "photo shoot"

Mid-shoot nap!

Taking some pictures outside!

What you lookin' at mama?!

Ready to cheer on the Red Sox!

Yay for turning one month old!

Mom, how much longer?!

Still smaller than the bear!

Mom, you're so funny!

Cuddling with the bear.  Because my head is too heavy...

Fun with Mommy!

Me and my baby girl!

So sleepy

First day at church!

It was a success!

BIG yawn!


She had the cutest little newborn cry....

Giving mommy some smiles!

Newborn Emma

Newborn James  (I forgot how little hair he had!)

Month old Emma

Month old James (I think they're starting to look a little more alike!)


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