Winter 2013

Winter 2013

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Video from this Spring, Part 2

Emma on her tummy- May 16th

James Beat Scout- May 16th

Emma smiling in the Morning- May 21st

James Beat Scout- May 19th

Emma Talking and Kicking- May 22nd

Emma in Bath- May 22nd

Emma rolling onto back- May 30th

James Beat Scout- May 30th

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Video from this Spring, Part 1

Blogging has not been my strong suit this year.  I don't know why...well, really, I do.  Her name is Emma.  And their name is Books. And their name is TV shows.  And they've all come before sitting down to blog.  But now that James is in Mother's Day Out I'm hoping to be able to do more stuff in the morning that I usually save for nap time (laundry, watching tv, reading, running errands), and I'm hoping that they both continue to be exhausted by the afternoon, thus giving me more time to do stuff like this!

Without further ado, a whole lot of random videos from this spring!

James Running With Pushtoy

Emma Talking-April 2nd

James Running and Laughing- April 5th

James Dancing- April 14th

James and Mommy's Deodorant- May 2nd

Reading to James and Emma- May 2nd

James-Christmas Monkey Song- April 21st.  I love this one especially because he has a sticker in his hair...

James-Arky Arky-April 19th

Opening Presents- April 24th

James and his Cupcake- April 24th

April 29th- James giving Emma toys, a drink, "food", and patting her on the head!

James Giving Emma a Kiss- April 29th

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

James is TWO!

This post has been a long time coming, which means there will be lots and lots of pictures!  There's so much video I'm going to dedicate an entire post for it!

James celebrated his 2nd Birthday on April 24th with Mommy and Daddy and Emma. In typical style, he refused to touch his birthday cupcake, though he did enjoy attempting to blow out the candle! He also fixated on the first present he unwrapped and we had to pry it out of his hands so he could see all the other wonderful things that awaited him! 

He is one awesome little dude. He loves to read and be read to. Recently we've come across him sitting in the rocking chair in his room while 'reading' his books aloud. It's super cute.  He also loves loves loves his baby sister.  He gives her kisses all the time and is very attentive to her perceived needs and wants. She hangs out in a rocker in the living room, and many times I've come back from doing laundry to find he's given her some toys, or a water bottle, or a few extra burp cloths, etc. She loves what he loves, right?!

James also loves to play outside! We've turned his 'push toy' into an outside-only toy and he will literally run up and down the driveway with it for half an hour.  He also continues to enjoy playing baseball, and is starting to get the idea of catching a ball! We gave him a soccer ball for his birthday, but we're still working on kicking it, as opposed to the 'throw in'. He is very excited now that we've set up our pool, and spent the entire weekend swimming in it or wanting to swim in it!  This year he's tall enough that the water comes just below his shoulder, so he can walk around and throw splash toys all by himself! (within reach of mom or dad, of course!)

He is very into Thomas trains. He has acquired many of the trains and likes to sleep with them in his bed.  We have some tracks that daddy makes fun shapes with for him to roll his trains on.  He also has figured out how to do puzzles, though he still thinks it's more fun to dump them over than put them back.

He is definitely growing up quickly.  He's now in the 67% for height!  Obviously taking after his dad there... This means we've had to adjust our 'within reach' settings, especially in the kitchen. There's a lot of "counter surfing for toddlers" going on.  He also has started trying to climb everything.  After a few chats, I've finally stopped finding him sitting in the middle of our dining room table. But he still attempts the bookcases now and then (secured to the wall!) and hilariously tries to climb the wall too. The other day he made a very funny attempt on the light post outside.

He also graduated to a big boy bed!  He loves it!  I don't know if it's the bed, or that Andy figured out how to make his room darker, or that we rearranged it to make room for the bed, but he sleeps even better now!

Before I procrastinate on this any longer, here are some pictures!  Several posts with video and pictures coming soon(ish) :-)

 Oh the GIFs!

 All I know about this picture is that Daddy's in the background changing Emma's diaper. FTW!
 Lounging in their shared chair

At the playground! He gets bolder by the day...

 Being silly!

 Mommy and her kiddos!

 Love them especially when they're goofy!

 Caught playing in the dirt!

 First and last time we did this...sensory activities make a mess

 Being silly with Emma's headband!

 It was a day to wear everyone else's stuff!

 Oh! Chocolate on my face!

Day at the zoo! Giraffes are his favorite!

 Having Easter morning fun with Daddy!

 Excited about his James train!

Trying on mommy's glasses

 Having a chat with Emma

 Easter Egg hunt!

 Pretty sure he woke up from nap with a sticker in his hair.  Not surprised...

 Checking out his career options

 I'm TWO!

 Yay for birthdays and presents!
 Mommy made him a Thomas themed banner!

Doing the one-year-old thing on his 2nd birthday.

 Making up for last year, I suppose!

Checking to see if Daddy's watching!

In the laundry basket again!
Practicing our grumpy faces 

 And our sad faces

 Helpin' a sister out...

Can't keep him out of the laundry...


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